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The Story That Never Ends

As read this last chapter of Acts, you could easily be disappointed with the way that the author, Luke, concludes the book. We are left with a lot of questions. What happens to Paul? Does he get a trial before Caesar? What happens to the church moving forward? But there is a beauty in the way Luke leaves the story open ended. We could easily have fallen into the notion that the book of Acts is the biography of the apostle Paul. He has appeared to be the main character. But in reality, the book of Acts was recorded as the biography of the early church. And the church never dies! And the story will never end! We are carrying forward the worship that began nearly 2000 years ago in an upper room in Jerusalem. It spread from Jerusalem, to Judea, to Samaria and made it all the way to Mattawan, Michigan!

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We meet at 10:30 AM every Sunday in the Mattawan Consolidated Schools Center Building (between the two elementary schools).

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