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Parenting Seminar – 
ReCAST will be hosting authors John and Kendra Smiley as they lead an interactive seminar based on their book “Be the Parent – Seven Choices You Can Make to Raise Great Kids” on March 17 from 9-4p. Sign up HERE!

Lazarus Rap Concert – 
Local musician, Aydin Schupbach (aka Lazarus), will be performing at ReCAST on February 25 from 7-8pm. This is a Christian rap concert open to everyone!

Women –
“Coffee and Conversation,” Wednesdays at 9:30am in the cafe/main room. Kiddos welcome!

Gravity (HS) and 180 (MS) – 
Gravity will be meeting at the church this Sunday evening 6:36-8:00.
Next Gravity Service opportunity: MAP on Saturday Feb 17 9-11.
ReCAST 180 will be meeting on Sunday morning, Feb 18 in Room 4 after connection time.
180 event Saturday, Feb 24 from 6-9 at the church!

Barakel Retreat – (check out this link for a video of what the weekend will look like!)
Gravity and 180 are having a combined winter retreat March 2-4 at Camp Barakel!
Spots are limited, so sign your student up soon by filling out this online registration form.

New Sermon Series – 
Don is teaching through 1 Samuel at ReCAST right now and recommends “1 Samuel” (info in the link above) to those who want to keep up with some more in depth study as he preaches it. We had a few copies available at the welcome table this Sunday and they were all taken! We have ordered more and they will be there this week. (There will be an envelope in the front with a suggested donation amount.)

Click this link to see the Men’s Basketball Schedule

Sermons and Blogs – Why is the SI Swimsuit Issue Still a Thing?

“The worms cannot go back in the can! And they really shouldn’t. I don’t want to go back to a world even two years ago, where powerful men are abusing women under their authority without repurcussions. The courage and strength it has taken for the many women who make up the majority of the #metoo movement has been inspiring and necessary. I truly believe that these revelations and exposures of abuses are a blessing to our society at large and that the more that the deeds of darkness are exposed to the light, the more our culture moves closer toward the ideal of justice for all…”

Continue reading this blog HERE….

This past Sunday, Pastor Don Filcek: You Gotta Sing! – 1 Samuel 2:1-11
Check out any past sermons HERE on our website
Listen to ReCAST Church Sermons via Podcast. ReCAST podcasts

Looking Ahead:

TEENS (ReCAST 180 and Gravity) Camp Barakel Winter Retreat – March 2-4, 2018
“Be the Parent” Parenting Seminar – Saturday, March 17 9-4:00
Mattawan Lifestyle Craft and Vendor Fair at ReCAST – Saturday March 24
Wedding Shower for Nathan and Meaghan – Friday evening, April 27
VBS – June 24-28

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