Gratitude in the Frozen North



I am grateful for a furnace.  My home is warmer than the weather outside.  It only takes a shift in the weather to remind us just how little we actually are in control of our daily lives.  The winds pick up, or the temperature plummets, or the water rises . . . And our lives can be turned upside down.

Humanity has certainly done a lot to push back the effects of the natural world.  Water flows into my home through pipes.  Controlled fire warms air that is distributed through my home.  Electricity runs through copper wires giving me light and entertainment.  I am so grateful for these conveniences.

As the temperature has fallen to record setting lows across the state of Michigan, I am mindful of how the majority of human history has been lived out.  We are no less fragile than those who came before us, but by the grace of God applied through technology, we have made some places of stability.

I have observed a ton of complaining on social media . . . and I am beginning to think that social media will eventually shed the silly cat videos and reveal its true nature as a place of argument and complaint.  But I wanted to express gratitude and thanks to my creator for an existence that includes furnaces, running water, and electricity.  He has been kind to our generation.  And I for one, would like to give him thanks!


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