New building timeline update! July 21, 2017

Dear ReCAST Church family, some things have happened in the last few days giving our timeline into the new building another shake up and we wanted you all to be aware of it.

1. Our builders have told us from the time they start hanging drywall, it will be about 10 weeks until completion. They are planning to hang the drywall next week. So the 10 week countdown will start then. (There was a delay mostly because the plumbing crew was supposed to be six people but due to unforeseen circumstances ended up only being three. So it took them twice as long to get the plumbing in which meant they couldn’t start finishing the walls.)
At this point we are planning for occupancy the first week of October. Please pray with us that this will be a reality!

2. The school situation has also changed and we now are able to use the school through the fall as long as we need it. This is great news! The downside is the Mattawan administration is moving some of their offices into the downstairs classrooms we have been using for the nursery and preschool classes the first week of August. Therefore we will not be able to use these rooms. We will still have the rooms upstairs we’ve used, but this will impact our children’s program as we will no longer have as many rooms as we had. We will still run children’s programs for as many children as we can right up until we move (at the minimum, nursery through first grade will still meet) but the older kids will likely not have their classes for a few weeks during the transition. We are looking into possible additional activities and spaces for 2nd-5th graders and middle school during the sermon time of the service.
We will have to set up and tear down children’s rooms but are unsure at this time if we will have to set up and tear down anything in the big meeting room once school starts in September.

We are all learning to be flexible through this transition time! We are praying and trusting that God will work everything out. We appreciate your patience and your flexibility and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to anyone on the staff or any of the elders. But please understand things are changing week to week. So although we are trying to plan ahead it is proving to be difficult to do so!

We are so glad that the ReCAST family will have a place to gather together every Sunday morning through this transition time but it definitely will be a transition time.

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