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Promotion! 5th Graders and 8th Graders

5th Grade Parents, 

As you hopefully have heard, this coming Saturday, June 2nd from 2-4pm at ReCAST is the official welcome to 180 for your 5th grade student. The event is going to be ‘Survivor’ themed, full of fun games and even some ice cream sundaes! We will have a ReCAST 180 t-shirt as a welcome gift to all the new students. Parents, if you could stick around for the first 15 minutes, Nathan will have a brief informational meeting about the structure of 180 and what we are learning. 

We are looking to forward seeing you there! Additionally, there will be a pool party for 180 on July 14th, and another event in August – date TBD.

The following day, Sunday June 3rd, your 5th grader is invited to come to their very first 180 Sunday meeting during the service. This means that your student will no longer be attending ReCAST Kids on Sundays. 180 students stay in the service through worship, and leave the service at the beginning of connection time. 180 meets in classroom 4 at the end of the hallway. ReCAST 180 Sunday meeting schedule is every first and third Sunday of the month. On the second, fourth, and fifth Sunday of the month, 180 students stay in the service for its entirety.

Please let us know any questions you may have. We are so excited to to meet your student this weekend!

(Side Note – 5th Graders will be having their goodbye party with Mrs O’Heran, Mrs Reiman, and Mrs DeVries on June 10 after church.)


8th Grade Parents,

As you’ve hopefully heard, ReCAST 180 is having a ‘Survivor’ themed event this coming Sunday, June 2nd at ReCAST from 2-4pm. There will be fun games and even some ice cream sundaes! This event is the official welcome to the current 5th graders into ReCAST 180, as well as the official goodbye to your 8th grader. We have a book as a gift to give to your 8th grader as they make the jump into high school.

The next day, Sunday June 3rd, your 8th grader should not attend ReCAST 180 on Sunday. Instead, Gravity is having an official welcome to Gravity pool party from 6-8pm at the Janssen’s house. From this point forward, your student will be welcome to all Gravity events.

We’re looking forward to your student joining Gravity!

If you have any questions about this transition, you can email Nathan

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