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ReCAST and the Space Race

No we are not launching a satellite into orbit, yet.  My title could be confusing, but some amazing things have happened since ReCAST first met April 19, 2009 where we crowded 15-20 adults into folding chairs in Greg and Jen Nitzel’s basement.

We were in the process of renovating a store front that seemed like it would dwarf our tiny church and when we moved into it eight weeks later, we used less than a quarter of the space and I remember wondering if we would ever fill it.

Over time, we added people and chairs, people and chairs, and God has seen fit to bring many people from various places in life.  It has been awesome to see God changing lives and regularly adding people to our small church.

On January 8, 2012 we had over 200 people at ReCAST Church!  God has grown the original 20 to over 100 adults and almost 60 children on any given Sunday!

This has been an amazing journey, but now the facility that once seemed so empty is busting at the seams and space has become a significant commodity.  This past week we have overhauled the gathering space and reoriented the stage and seating to accommodate more.

I do not know why God has seen fit to bless us with growth.  He never promised me ReCAST would work.  He never appeared to me in a vision and assured me that we would see lives changed.  So all I can do is thank Him for doing His thing and giving me a front row seat to see the birth of a church.

On any given Sunday, I rejoice to watch as people meet, worship, learn, grow, and engage in real life together.  I count it a privilege to be the Pastor of ReCAST Church!

About Don Filcek

Don Filcek

I like mountain biking even where there are no mountains. I like to jog and call it running. I read books to learn stuff. My family is pretty much awesome. ReCAST is the church where I belong. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I like the color yellow.

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  1. Karie says:

    You are the reason they come…God’s word thur you is most amazing

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