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Last week I had the privilege of joining together with about 9,999 other pastors and church leaders for a conference in Louisville, KY known as Together 4 the Gospel.  It is an interdenominational conference focused on the good news of Jesus Christ.  The one unifying factor that brings all of these pastors from Presbyterian, Baptist, Anglican, Charismatic, and Reformed churches together is trust in the sufficiency of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ to reconcile fallen humanity with the Almighty Father by grace through faith.

It is amazing to gather together with ten thousand others and sing the praises of God, listen to great messages, and enter into beneficial theological discussion.  It was a great week being together with so many others who value the good news of Jesus Christ!

But for me, there were three in attendance that particularly encouraged my soul.  Three of our volunteer leaders took time off work and time away from their family for the purpose of attending this Bible conference.  The conversations we had over meals and walking back and forth from the hotel and on the drive there and back were valuable for us as a leadership team at ReCAST Church.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for men like Steve Isham, Rob Konold, Marc Downing, and Bruce French who have stepped up in leadership.  Only three of them were able to make it to the conference, but I was delighted to have those that could join, be there to sharpen themselves in church leadership.

ReCAST has been blessed to have men step up in leadership.  The level of commitment of our volunteers is AMAZING! Nothing I have done has made this happen.  I rejoice that God has given godly and gifted me, to sacrificially serve this local body of believers.

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Don Filcek

I like mountain biking even where there are no mountains. I like to jog and call it running. I read books to learn stuff. My family is pretty much awesome. ReCAST is the church where I belong. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I like the color yellow.

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