The Five Foods of Christmas


Food has a powerful influence on our lives.  Our schedules often revolve around food.  We plan for it.  we take time to get it just right.  And in its best manifestation consuming food comes with togetherness.  I am guessing you all have some traditions around food.  I will share some of my Christmas food memories.  And I would love to read yours.


1.  Chocolate Oranges

I don’t remember actually when it began, but my mom would get me a chocolate orange in my stocking.  She did this because she remembered when it was a big deal as a little girl to get an orange on Christmas morning.  It was not something readily available and pretty expensive back in the day.  Mine always came as chocolate.  And I loved the way that this tradition figured into my mom’s history.

2.  Cari Konold’s Christmas Mix

Linda and I always anticipate Christmas Mix from our friends, the Konolds.  White Chocolate, pretzels, peanuts, m&m’s and possibly Rob’s secret ingredient (more sugar).   One tradition surrounding the Christmas mix is Linda and I hiding it from one another so we can have it for ourselves.  We both have an agreement with Cari that when she gives it to one of us, she lets the other know so that we know the game is on.  But honestly, the Christmas mix serves as an annual reminder of friendships.

3.  Assorted Rare Fruits

We have made it a tradition to keep early Christmas morning with just our own family of five.  But mid-morning Linda’s parents will come join us and we spend much of the day together.  A few years back, Linda’s mom showed up with an assortment of rare fruits for all of us to try.  And a tradition was born.  We often need to look up the fruit online to figure out how to eat them.  It is a fun tradition and we have found some new favorites over the years.  I am thankful for two amazing grandparents for my children.  They have invested a lot in my kids.

4.  Baked French Toast and Cinnamon Rolls

We usually have one or both of these in Christmas morning as a family.  We get up early.  Open our stockings . . . read the Christmas Story, have some breakfast and then open presents.  Everyone is always in good spirits . . . And the anticipation of the day makes the breakfast stand out as special.

5.  Rolos

My wife doesn’t have a sweet tooth.  But her favorite candy is Rolos.  Every year I get her a bag of rolos for her stocking.  And I think that most years she has some left over by the time she gets her next bag.  She likes them but she rations them.  I remind her there is this mystical magical place called “store” where we could get more.  But she is honestly a responsible sweet eater.  I love that woman!  And I love buying her an annual bag of rolos!

So those are some of the very strange family food Christmas traditions from the Filcek household.

What are some foods that are meaningful to you over the holidays?


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  1. Debbie Dehart says:

    Dutch Pepernoten. They are small, crispy, baked … I guess you could call them cookies but they are really small. They are flavored with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and anise. Mmmmmm.

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