The Glory of the Truth


If God told you to share your story with others, would you?  If he asked you to air your past with the heartaches, the lies, the sins, and the brokenness in order to help others, would you do it?

I am so thankful for one of our church members, Jacque Chislea, who has responded to that very scary call to an honest sharing of her journey with God.  And she has done so in a very public way that will not be received well by all.  She was interviewed by the radio broadcast, “Revive Our Hearts.”  The first of two sessions is aired today and the final session will be aired tomorrow.  The first is available here.

God has been faithful to bring Jacque to a place of repentance and forgiveness.  Just like all of us, she is on a journey of giving more and more of her life over to Christ each day.  I am so glad for the resources that God has used in her life to draw her closer to Him.

And I am so glad that Rich and Jacque call ReCAST Church their home.

I would recommend you only listen, if you are willing to further extend the grace that God has already given to Jacque.  It is a scary thing to feel exposed and vulnerable.  But Jacque is strong in the calling of God in her life to be an example for others and help others who have endured a similar journey toward God.

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