Voting for Sinners


My Facebook wall is so blown up with political comments that I recommend that they start calling it “Politicbook”. Not a lot of faces, just a lot of opinions.

And so I will weigh in on one brief spiritual observation that I take as fact and consider to be worth sharing. If you vote in this election, you will vote for a sinner. You will vote for someone who has lied. You will vote for someone who has some level of sexual brokenness. You will vote for someone who likes to be served and has often centered their entire life on their own joy, pleasure, and plans.

Some of you are hoping to avoid this by voting for a third party candidate. And you have every freedom to vote third party if you so choose, but do not be deceived into thinking that third party candidates are less broken, less sinful, or less full of themselves.

Pride and power corrupts. We have a real dilemma on our hands as a nation in this election. But I think that there may be some good things that are brought to forefront in this election cycle. In the past we have been able to pretend that our favorite candidates were perfect. But this time around, we are smacked in the face with the reality that both major party candidates have significant moral issues.

This blog could just be another step down into discouragement, unless we allow the reality of our falleness to drive us to consider the solution. And the solution is that there is indeed one leader who is without sin. There is one leader with the moral character to lead his people to righteousness. As a matter of fact he doesn’t merely model righteousness for us, but he has purchased it for his people.

My suggestion isn’t that you write in “Jesus” on the ticket on November 9th, but my suggestion is that you cast a vote for him with your life. Honor Him as the king, ask for his forgiveness and grace over your life. And then in the power of His Spirit go out and live out his life in your work, in your neighborhood, in your family, and in your political conversations!

I would love to hear a little more Jesus and a whole lot less rhetoric from Christians right now. Vote for the sinner you think will damage or culture the least, but make sure your trust is placed firmly on the shoulders of the one who can truly make his people great . . . And his name is not “Trump”!

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  1. Avatar Alan Robertson says:

    Daniel 2:21 “He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them.” (NIV) I agree with your post, and still I believe that Christians absolutely must engage the culture! In the arts, in the sciences, in sports, in education, and in politics … and if a presidential election is not an appropriate time to discuss worldviews, I can’t imagine a time when it would be. Christians ought to know the differences between capitalism and socialism, conservativism and progressivism, original intent and evolved thought, between cleverness and wisdom. I’m not saying all political discussion is about principles and ideology, but it should be. Because that’s what politics ought to be about: everyone wants their children educated; the discussion ought to be HOW we do that. So you’re right: Jesus “trumps” all things, and we will be voting for an imperfect person. And I think you’ve fouled one ball off: I don’t believe Christians must sacrifice political engagement to the altar of impartiality, as long as we keep the main thing the main thing! :=]

  2. Avatar Carl Olson says:

    I like everything you said in your blog. I might add that God will place the person in power that best suits His plans. The keyword is trust. We are the key to solving the crises we are in, and we can “fix” much of our country’s problems by living Christlike lives. That means we have to change. May God help us to follow Him and trust in Him

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