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This Sunday is Mother’s Day. But depending on when you are reading this, it may already be too late. Nothing brings out my non-traditional side quite like these “Hallmark Holidays”. I confess that I always wrestle with what to do as a pastor on days like these.

I believe that motherhood is an amazing and glorious calling. I mean, let’s face it, we all have one and without one we wouldn’t be. So it just makes sense that we pick up the phone and give a call, or do whatever seems right to honor our mothers on this day. And I am honestly grateful for a day set aside to honor our mothers.

But where I find myself getting hung up is how much I am supposed to honor YOUR mother. I am glad she was whatever she is for you. I am hopeful she was there for you and that you have a great relationship with her. I hope that you honor her regardless of how she may have let you down and proven to be less than perfect. But I have noticed a trend in which this day has morphed (particularly for churches) in which it is the churches responsibility to honor mothers. I imagine that it might be more valuable coming from you.

My mother passed away shortly before my wedding in the summer of 1995. It was a bitter and tough road and it has left me with some scars that I carry. But my lack of sentimentalism over this day is only partly due the way it reminds me I have no mother to call.

The other half is due to the reality that honoring our parents is a command from The Lord. It is great that we have a day set aside, but I would recommend that you take advantage of having a mother to call regularly while she is still here with you. Those of you who have already lost your mother know exactly what I mean.

Honoring motherhood in general in the church by preaching a special message just for mom’s is not my M.O. But encouraging all the church to walk in godliness which includes honoring our own mothers, is a message from scripture that ought to be before us every day of the year.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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Don Filcek

I like mountain biking even where there are no mountains. I like to jog and call it running. I read books to learn stuff. My family is pretty much awesome. ReCAST is the church where I belong. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I like the color yellow.

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