5 Reasons I Love Winter in Michigan


Written in December 2017

How many times have you heard someone say, “I hate snow!”? I find it funny. And you live in West Michigan!? Good call on the life choices. There is a big world out there and a good chunk of it doesn’t get snow fall like West Michigan. I mean, there was that whole snowpocalypse in Atlanta last week, but they don’t call it Hotlanta for nothing.

I was raised in Michigan. I have lived in other places. I came back to Michigan. And I love the climate. So for all the winter haters out there, here is my personal list of five reasons I love winter in Michigan.

1. Winter Adds Beauty

I really do find snow to be amazing. Not merely the way that it blankets the whole landscape and rests on the branches, but also the unique intricacy of each single snowflake. It takes a lot to move snow, and I have had my share of using the working end of a snow shovel. But the inconvenience of driving slower and moving snow has never eclipsed for me the beauty and wonder of a snowy Michigan winter.

2. Winter Resets Nature

The reality of the harshness of a Michigan winter gives a reset to the natural world around us. We have a few months without mosquitos, weeding, trimming and yellow jackets. Much of the outdoors takes a pause from human interaction, except for sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, ice-skating, hunting, ice-fishing, and pond hockey.

3. Winter Brings My Family Closer

I love having a wood burning fire place and we will often stoke up a fire and hang out together as a family in the family room. My kids are at an age where there are increasing levels of activities, but the winter is a season where we are together when we are at home. At times in our lives we have lived in a neighborhood and we always found it interesting how much the outdoor activity in the neighborhood died down over the winter. It is great to have seasons spending a lot of time outdoors with others, but there is also something refreshing about winter indoors with family.

4. Winter Builds My Patience

The last few days have brought the first substantial snows to West Michigan, and I have had to plan accordingly. I drive slower. I need to be more patient with other drivers. I need to allow myself more time to get places. I need to plan ahead before just taking off. Winter is good to slow things down.

5. It Doesn’t Last Forever

I know it sounds strange to say that one of the things I love about winter is that it comes to an end. But I find that all four seasons in Michigan run into the next one at a pace that makes me happy. I see God’s hand in the four distinct season. Winter is my favorite from December to March. I know some people would prefer for the cold season to be shorter, but I find that the cold stays around long enough to make me grateful when warmer weather arrives.

I love winter in Michigan, and I am glad that God has called me to serve a church community in this place.

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