7,571 Days and Counting

7,571 days ago my life was altered. She walked down the aisle. I stood there with a goofy grin. The ceremony went by in a flash. And our lives were tied together.

I cannot express in words the grace that has been brought into my life through the gift of a godly wife. She has been a constant force for good. We have had our share of arguments. We have had rocky days, weeks, and even a couple years here and there have been subpar.

But I love her more now than I did 7,571 days ago! Proverbs 31:10 asks the question, “An excellent wife who can find?” I believe that the answer is me. It goes on to say, “She is far more precious than jewels.” And to that I say “Amen!”

We do not have a perfect marriage, but I believe we have the right marriage. She said she would stay with me and she has. I said I would stay with her and have. And our 7,571 days have been defined by sticking to that commitment.

Marriage seems to be a pretty solvent committment in our modern culture. I am grateful to have found a wife who has the strength to put up with me every day for 7,571 of them! Thanks Linda!

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  1. Carl Olson says:

    Don- you are an “Everyman” figure with a gift to put into words what many men wish they knew how to say. Thank you! By the way, 16,425 and counting!

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