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  • 5 Ways You Can Bless Your Pastor (9/28/2017) This may seem presumptious as a pastor writing about ways to bless your pastor. Self-serving much? But I honestly think that it may be of benefit to the few who read my blog who do not attend ReCAST church to hear from a pastor what is a regular blessing and encouragement to me. 1. Tell […]
  • 5 Takeaways from the Sing!2017 Conference (9/21/2017) I just got home from attending a three day conference in Nashville for Pastors and worship leaders. It was an amazing experience for a variety of reasons. Often, attending a conference is like drinking from a fire-hose. This was no different. But here is my attempt to give the highlights of conference. 1. We didn’t […]
  • 5 Reasons I am Visiting our Missionaries in Indonesia (9/14/2017) Last week, my wife and I bought plane tickets for us and our daughter to visit friends from our church who are missionaries in Indonesia. I am looking forward to this trip for many reasons, but the central reason comes from the relationship we have with these specific missionaries. They are friends who we have […]
  • 5 Reasons I Pray for My Kids (9/7/2017) I have a list of scriptures that I have been praying over for my kids for nearly a decade. I was moved when I attended men’s retreat over ten years ago to take up this practice. And so here are 5 of the bajillion reasons I pray for my kids almost every morning. 1. My […]
  • 5 Reasons You Should Read the Nashville Statement (8/31/2017) The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood came out with a statement that is being called the Nashville Statement. It was named for the location of the council that produced it, much like ancient creeds were designated by the location of their formation. It has been signed by many evangelical leaders and pastors and you […]
  • 5 Reasons I am Excited About a Church Building (8/24/2017) I have evolved in my view of church buildings. When we first started ReCAST I saw that we needed a place to meet but since those started the church would all fit in a basement, it seemed like a pretty small issue. I had a sense of smugness in my own heart toward those who […]
  • 5 Reasons to Not Monitor or Limit Internet Access for Your Kids (8/17/2017) There are unintended consequences to being an earlier adopter to the iPhone. I have had an iPhone since the 3g and have upgraded every couple of years. This meant then passing my old iPhones down to my children as an “iPod” so that they could play games and use the old one as a music […]
  • 5 Reasons I Write My Own Sermon Every Week (8/10/2017) We live in a day and age of unparalleled intellectual sharing. There is this amazing thing I have been using called the internet. I can find the weather forecast, pictures of my friend’s cat, and what someone I barely know ate for dinner yesterday. All of this is just a couple of clicks away! And […]
  • Pictures of Joy in the Journey (7/27/2017) I have been seeking to be more attentive to the joys of life all around me. There is good. There is beauty. There is awe and wonder. And if you are anything like me, you need to fight for it! As we get older, the things that produced awe and wonder in us when we […]
  • Chugging Through the 40’s (7/20/2017) What does it feel like to age? I have heard it said that the days are long and the years are short and that has made more and more sense to me. I feel like I can look back on the past three decades and see how small decisions have created a life that defines […]
  • VBS (7/6/2017) Although many will recognize the acronym in the title as standing for Vacation Bible School anyone who has actually worked a VBS knows it could very well stand for Very Busy Schedule. Last week we wrapped up our annual VBS. We combine forces with another Mattawan Church. They have a facility and we have a […]
  • Prudent Lips (6/29/2017) We have a saying around my house that is often said and little applied, “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything.” We say that a lot. My family is verbal and loud and I’m not sure where they got it because my wife wasn’t raised that way . . . After […]
  • A Theological Sexual Ethic (6/22/2017) This week I will be preaching on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8. In this text God calls his people to a theological sexual ethic that is meant to be a stable call to holiness for his church in a world with a sexual ethic that is always shifting. The apostle Paul is clear in this text that […]
  • Morning Prayers (6/15/2017) Prayer can be tough. I have not yet met a person who would tell me that they are totally nailing prayer, have it all figured out, and are on top of their prayer game. So I set out to make this year a personal journey into prayer and it has been challenging. Several years ago […]
  • Pastoral Humor (5/25/2017) I have been away this week in Chicago at a Pastor’s Conference. There is something refreshing about getting away and hearing from speakers instead of being the speaker. It is doubly encouraging to hear from men who understand the office, understand the stresses, and understand the temptations that come with the territory of leading a […]
  • Coming Alive, Again (5/18/2017) There was a time when I had not lived long enough to know that life is not a straight line. A younger me, assumed that life was defined by setting a dream and then striving for it. I really believed that things pretty much progressed in that direction with some hurdles to overcome and a […]
  • The Double Edges of Celebrating God’s Timing (5/11/2017) Have you ever noticed how quickly we give God credit for the timing of something that works out to our advantage? Don’t get me wrong, I would always encourage giving God credit for good things in our lives, but over and opposed to ONLY ever giving him credit when it goes well is something I […]
  • Parent Dedication or Baby Dedication (5/4/2017) Baby dedication. Parent dedication. Words matter. Even if the difference in wording only subtly changes the perspective it can signal a significant difference in intentions. At ReCAST we prefer to have a parent dedication service rather than baby or infant dedication services. When parents come to this service in two weeks, it is important to […]
  • And I Danced (4/27/2017) I was not made for rhythm. I can’t clap and sing at the same time. I have never played a musical instrument. For a very brief time in college I tried to teach myself guitar, but I quit when I realized that you need to have rhythm in order to strum. And apparently dancing requires […]
  • Planning For Felixibility (3/23/2017) I have this sneaking suspicion that I will not be the same person in two weeks. I do not know what I will be, but I will have experienced some unique experiences that I am praying will be formative in my life. On Monday, I will depart from Chicago O’Hare Airport and about 24 hours […]

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