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  • Kindness, Civility, and Other Outdated Values (6/7/2018)   The media makes money by reporting that which is sensational.  I get that.  But words I have heard from celebrities slung at each other in the past couple of weeks do not seem to go against trends I see in the broader culture.  We are slouching toward division, lurching toward unkindness, and oozing away […]
  • A Shameful Blindspot in the Church (5/31/2018) I like to blog about light and fluffy things.  I tend to like to make people smile and laugh.  But I take God and his Word seriously, even if I at times see humor there as well. This is not a light and fluffy blog.  This is a painful blog.  It is painful on many […]
  • Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate (5/17/2018) Mattawan, Michigan has now been my home for going on 10 years.  Prior to moving here I had very little knowledge about the community other than some demographic study and a few people that I knew who lived here. God developed a church planting team back in 2008 and we began to pray for this […]
  • Staff Transitions at ReCAST (5/10/2018) If you were at the ReCAST volunteer luncheon a couple weeks ago, you heard us announce that Jackie Kline is going to work for Heartland Hospice full-time as their bereavement coordinator.  If you were at our family meeting last Sunday, you heard Nathan announce that he’s going to air traffic control school in Oklahoma next fall.  […]
  • Looking for Donkeys (5/3/2018)   This next week I will be preaching on 1 Samuel 9.  It has been a confusing passage for me in the past.  It has not been confusion because it is difficult to grasp.  It has been confusing because of the detail that seems to be superfluous to the story-line.  (*spoiler alert*) Saul is going […]
  • Not Just a Number (4/26/2018)   I attended a conference with more than 12,000 other pastors and lay-leaders in Louisville, KY earlier in the month and it was an amazing conference with hours of great preaching, amazing worship with thousands of voices lifted up in praise in the KFC Yum! Center.  But out of all that experience one particular nugget […]
  • Happy Birthday ReCAST Church! (4/19/2018)   9 years ago today I preached my first sermon as a lead pastor.  Preached is a funny word, because it was 16 adults in the basement of a home in Mattawan, MI.  We brought folding chairs from our card table sets, Dave Bunt brought his acoustic guitar and he sat on the hearth of […]
  • Fairy Tales of Science (a Stephen Hawking Tale) (3/29/2018)   Once upon a time, there was a young man lost in the woods.  He had gone out hunting with his father and got turned around and the next thing he knew, every tree looked the same.  As he leaned against the trunk of a huge beech tree, he saw something flickering through the verdant […]
  • Trusting God with the Children (3/15/2018)   Yesterday saw students around the country walking out of classes to draw national attention to the events of one month ago in Florida.  Many believe that the long term hope is that the government will fix it all for us.  The implication sometimes sounds like, we can keep on living however we want and […]
  • The Glory of the Truth (3/8/2018)   If God told you to share your story with others, would you?  If he asked you to air your past with the heartaches, the lies, the sins, and the brokenness in order to help others, would you do it? I am so thankful for one of our church members, Jacque Chislea, who has responded […]
  • Billy Graham and a Snapshot of Faith (2/22/2018) The quote is powerful. It is poignant. It was prophetic, even if it is somewhat unfair to predict one’s own death. Billy Graham said, “Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have […]
  • Why is The SI Swimsuit Issue Still a Thing? (2/8/2018) The worms cannot go back in the can! And they really shouldn’t. I don’t want to go back to a world even two years ago, where powerful men are abusing women under their authority without repurcussions. The courage and strength it has taken for the many women who make up the majority of the #metoo […]
  • Blessings Around the World (2/1/2018) I am almost recovered from the jetlag. The trip to Indonesia was a grueling haze of airplanes, airports, waiting, and restless attempts to sleep in a smaller space than my body is made to occupy. The trip was worth it. I cannot speak to any eternal results. I do not know how heaven will be […]
  • Sent Out to Encourage (1/11/2018) In just a few days, Linda, Leah, and I will be flying out for Indonesia commissioned with the task of bringing encouragement to our missionaries. As the date of our travel is quickly arriving, I am thinking more and more about what it means to be an encouragement. And in my reflections, I have grown […]
  • 2018 Pastoral Book Review: My Top 5 (12/28/2017) In the past year I read or listened to 51 books. Listening to audio books while running has added a new dimension to my “reading” and I have found that listening to books while running has given me a chance to take in books (mostly novels) that I couldn’t quite justify reading with the long […]
  • 5 Reasons I am Glad I Married Linda Filcek 22 Years Ago (12/21/2017) 22 years ago this Saturday, I said, “I do” and so did she! That was the forging of a dynamic-duo. We didn’t know then what we know now, but if we knew then what we now know, I would’ve entered marriage with even more joy than I did on that day so many years ago! […]
  • 5 Reasons I Love Winter in Michigan (12/14/2017) How many times have you heard someone say, “I hate snow!”? I find it funny. And you live in West Michigan!? Good call on the life choices. There is a big world out there and a good chunk of it doesn’t get snow fall like West Michigan. I mean, there was that whole snowpocalypse in […]
  • 5 Reasons I Love Mattawan (12/7/2017) I moved to Mattawan in March of 2009 with a focus on planting a church in this community. My wife and I were joined by a handful of couples who had a passion and desire to see the Kingdom of Jesus Christ growing, and we were sold on the idea of church—planting as a vital […]
  • 5 Ways God Has Amazed (11/30/2017) As a church-planter/Pastor I have had a front row seat to see God move in and through the lives of a church over the course of time. And it seems like there are transitional times that move me to reflect more on our history and the great things that God has done. Receiving our new […]
  • 5 Observations About Sabbath Rest (11/16/2017) As a pastor I have worked to try to find a rhythm of ministry that organizes my areas of responsibility around the days of the week. Study is focused on Mondays and Tuesdays. Drafting my sermons is on Wednesdays. I have meetings with staff and elders as well as counseling appointments sprinkled throughout. There are […]

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