Why Do Black Lives Matter?


I have been out on vacation for the past couple of weeks and in that time chaos broke out around the country. I am not suggesting that I was somehow holding things together, but it seems like quirky timing. So while I have been gone I had plenty of chances to read, pray, and contemplate the issues that face our nation.

And one topic that seems to be raging in the news is the “Black Lives Matter” organization. Some prefer to say that “all lives matter”. And I think this is a bit of a misunderstanding. It is never wrong to say that black lives matter as a statement of fact. It is completely an appropriate statement. Ironically, it is much more politically correct to say, “all lives matter” because political correctness is usually about making sure that nobody stands out. But our culture makes exceptions.

But I want to take just a moment to remember WHY black lives matter! And they matter for the same reason that all lives matter. But let’s make sure we are on the same page when we say that something matters. Generally speaking when we say that something “matters”, we mean it has importance, significance, purpose, or bears some weight. If we agree on this definition then we can discuss why black lives are important, significant and have purpose.

Genesis 1-2 is abundantly clear that all humans come from the same source. We have our origination in the very plan and purpose of the Almighty! He breathed His own breath into the man and woman. We breathe HIS BREATH! And he created us in His image. I believe that, so much more than meaning that we look like Him, it means that we are his representation on earth with both authority and responsibility. So more than just statues that are an image of the creator, we are living, breathing, moving images of God. We are his flesh and bone representatives in this created world. All of us. Each of us.

Black lives matter because to a person, every single black life is created to represent God to the world. Each was lovingly crafted to mirror the creator. Black lives matter MOST to a people who believe that the Bible is TRUE.

I am not suggesting that it is impossible to believe that black lives matter without a theistic view, but I would suggest it is inconsistent to believe that ANYTHING matters without something that gives ANY life purpose. I would argue that truly intrinsic value doesn’t exist without God.

I am blessed to be a pastor and church planter of a church that has attracted people from a variety of races over the years. I think ReCAST is a pretty good snapshot of the community of Mattawan. But I am SO GRATEFUL for the people from a variety of backgrounds and races that make up ReCAST Church. I am so glad for each and every soul who calls ReCAST their church family. EVERYONE at ReCAST church matters, because everyone here is made in the image of God!

Everything is moving to the place where people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation will worship God around his throne. The diversity within his kingdom is a beautiful thing. And unity within that diversity is a significant calling on every group that calls itself a church.

Black lives matter, because God.

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  1. Avatar Alan Robertson says:

    Fabulous. One of the most worthwhile questions to ask about any categorical statement is, “why?” Well done, Pastor Don!

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